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It is extremely important to keep fats, oils, and grease (FOG) out of the sanitary sewer system for environmental and public health reasons. That is why 1st Choice Grease also offers Trap Zap a patented grease trap miracle liquefier and deodorizer that can only be purchased through our company! 

Nearly every area of a restaurant or commercial kitchen relies on drains or pipes to function properly. Due to the stress, food, and particles that push through these pipes every day, it is no surprise that they are often clogged and in need of repair. You want programs that work fast and lasts, because when your pipes stop working, so does your business. In addition to line jetting service we also offer Trap Zap! Grease Liquefier that both unclogs and cleans pipes, while deodorizing your grease trap and kitchen.

Trap Zap! will help your restaurant run faster, prevent future clogs from arising and, most importantly, save you money!

Line jetting is the process of cleaning and clearing pipes using water. Frequent line jetting can be costly over time. Trap Zap! Grease Liquefier liquefies grease, also any sludge or particles lining the pipe that could cause future issues.

When you spend money on a preventative maintenance program, you want to make sure you are getting the best bang for you buck. Trap Zap! is more cost-effective than average enzyme cleaners because it not only fixes the current problem, but also prevents any future clogs.

This process has been proven to keep pipes clear more consistently which saves you money in future service calls and lost revenue from closures due to clogged pipes!

We can offer Trap Zap solutions for any size grease trap from a local restaurant to a large organization such as a hospital. Don’t have the time to add another task to your schedule?  Ask us about our Trap Zap Dispensing Program!  Our dispensing program schedule will keep your sewer system from backing up and causing you costly repairs. We keep your back of the house running smoothly so that there are no interruptions or lost revenue during your business hours.

We offer economical, Trap Zap! Programs to stop clogs before they start and remove bacteria that can make your restaurant pipes smell. Unfortunately, every business is at risk of plumbing issues regardless of how much maintenance is done. If you have questions about how to keep your business and your pipes running smoothly, call us today at 832.445.6582 or 281.592.0909 


Most of the odors produced by humans, animals and waste products are associated with two basic types of compounds: sulfur compounds including hydrogen sulfide, and ammonia compounds.  You know that pungent odor of rotting vegetables?  The odor is a mercaptan.  Mercaptans are sulfur compounds that create very offensive smells.  

The odor that you normally smell in a litter box or bathroom is an ammonium compound.  Ammonia is the breakdown product of urea, the waste product in urine. Urea breaks down to ammonia due to the natural presence of the urease enzyme, which also gives fecal matter its odor. 

The Odo-Zap! formula reacts with odorous chemicals and renders them non-volatile at the molecular level so you can't smell them anymore!  

Odo-Zap! products cancel the activity of the urease enzyme and reduce the generation of ammonia.  It also eliminates body odor, sweat smells, toilet and sewer odors.  Odo-Zap! reacts with other smelly nitrogen compounds you would find in fish or aniline-like compounds  and neutralizes the odor. Odo-Zap! can eliminate any odor associated with waste/garbage (Rotten Vegetables or Meat). Odo-Zap! neutralizes pet smells (wet dog smell) and can kill skunk odor at its strongest potency. Odo-Zap! can be used to eliminate dairy/cattle/pig and  retention pond odors. Odo-Zap! even reacts with perfumes and neutralizes them. Odo-Zap! destroys smoke smells resulting from cigars, cigarettes and marijuana. Odo-Zap! even removes  pollutants from your home, business  or vehicle that can be caused by the slow release of Volitale Organic Compounds (VOC’s)

Once the Odo-Zap! molecule comes into contact with the bacteria , it activates by opening the bacteria and removing the mercaptan and sulphur molecules , then changes them into a  brand new molecule never to be smelled again!     

When It Comes To Your Restaurant Seating Areas, Fresh Is Best! So why are you still paying for an attractive label and getting a "super-diluted" product in return? Cheap aerosols contain a ton of filler alcohols, other chemical agents and NOT a lot of product! 

Odo-Zap 1 Gallon and 16oz Spray Bottles available! Order yours today!  


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