Most of the odors produced by humans, animals and waste products are associated with two basic types of compounds: sulfur compounds including hydrogen sulfide, and ammonia compounds.  You know that pungent odor of rotting vegetables?  The odor is a mercaptan.  Mercaptans are sulfur compounds that create very offensive smells.  

The odor that you normally smell in a litter box or bathroom is an ammonium compound.  Ammonia is the breakdown product of urea, the waste product in urine. Urea breaks down to ammonia due to the natural presence of the urease enzyme, which also gives fecal matter its odor. With the increasing number of Social Media Restaurant Review Pages it would be easy for word to spread that your establishment has constant, foul odor in the dining areas, patios, bathrooms or even worse the kitchen!

The Odo-Zap! formula reacts with odorous chemicals and renders them non-volatile at the molecular level so you can't smell them anymore!  

Odo-Zap! products cancel the activity of the urease enzyme and reduce the generation of ammonia.  It also eliminates body odor, sweat smells, toilet and sewer odors.  Odo-Zap! reacts with other smelly nitrogen compounds you would find in fish or aniline-like compounds  and neutralizes the odor. Odo-Zap! can eliminate any odor associated with waste/garbage (Rotten Vegetables or Meat). Odo-Zap! neutralizes pet smells (wet dog smell) and can kill skunk odor at its strongest potency. Odo-Zap! can be used to eliminate dairy/cattle/pig and  retention pond odors. Odo-Zap! even reacts with perfumes and neutralizes them. Odo-Zap! destroys smoke smells resulting from cigars, cigarettes and marijuana. Odo-Zap! even removes pollutants from your home, business or vehicle that can be caused by the slow release of Volitale Organic Compounds (VOC’s).

Once the Odo-Zap! molecule comes into contact with the bacteria , it activates by opening the bacteria and removing the mercaptan and sulphur molecules, then changes them into a  brand new molecule never to be smelled again!     

If it is inevitable that your customers are going to post on Social Media, shouldn’t they be posting about the food?!

When It Comes To Your Restaurant Seating Areas, Fresh Is Best! So why are you still paying for an attractive label and getting a "super-diluted" product in return? Cheap aerosols contain a ton of filler alcohols, other chemical agents and NOT a lot of product! 

Odo-Zap 1 Gallon and 16oz Spray Bottles available! Order yours today!  

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