Oil Collection Services Texas

We are the only women owned and operated grease and grease trap company.

Want free grease trap cleaning? Call us today and see how we will clean your grease trap for free.

We are one of the more known and trusted companies that collect cooking oil in Texas - 1st Choice Grease. We have been involved in this business for a considerable time now, gaining us a reputation that is respected and trusted in the area. Through the years we have been in business, we have come to perfect the methods we use in our collection of used oil for recycling companies to make into a safer resource. If you have a lot of cooking oil needed to be disposed of, 1st Choice Grease offers you an easy and profitable solution.

We pay you top dollar for your waste cooking oil.

  • Our set-ups are free
  • We service the entire state
  • Our service is clean
  • We keep the area around our grease bin clean at no extra cost to you
  • We use secure and leak-proof bins
  • No business is too big or too small for 1st Choice Grease

There are various companies in Texas that collect cooking oil that can be converted into something useful such as bio fuel and 1st Choice Grease is your first choice among service providers in the state. The services we make available see to the solution of issues with waste oil disposal and/or collection. We pick up the waste vegetable oil from local restaurants and business and bring them to recycling plants. This is now a flourishing industry that you and other businesses can benefit from. If you have considerable amounts of waste oil produced from your business, do not just throw them away or flush them down the drain as this can just cause household and environmental issues. You can instead have us, an oil collection company, get it and pay you for it. Call us right now at 832.445.6582 or 281.592.0909 before your oil containers overflow!

If you have the oil, 1st Choice Grease will pick it up for you and pay you for it. We make it worth your while when you trust in our services. You can expect the best and most competent friendly cooking oil collection in the state! Call us up now!